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Security Matching Grant Program

The Downtown Franklin Association has established a Security Matching Grant Program to provide financial assistance to new and existing businesses located within the Special Downtown Service District as identified by the City Council Resolution adopted July 22, 1985.

The Security Grant is to be used for business or property security including special offered packages (see attached) for Security Central basic systems provided through AAA Security Inc. or to enhance an existing business security system. AAA will make free evaluations of your needs when requested. Option III allows for a business or property owner to enhance their existing system, choose another security vendor, or even handle the installation themselves.

Program Guidelines

  1. Grants are available for up to 75% of the total cost of the security project to a maximum award of $1080.00 per project. An applicant may only be awarded one grant per project.
  2. The applicant may be the property owner or tenant. If the project alters the property, tenant must submit owner’s approval in writing to the Downtown Franklin Association office.
  3. Project description and design must be submitted to the Downtown Franklin Association Office for approval prior to installation. Any changes to the project or design after submission may jeopardize the grant.
  4. The applicant will be required to pay their matching 25 percent portion prior to installation.
  5. Completion of the project must be within six months of approval.
  6. If applicable to the project, planned improvements must preserve the architectural integrity of the building.

Grant Approval

  1. Applicants must make initial application to the Downtown Franklin Association to insure adherence to applicable policies, requirements, codes and appropriateness. In no event shall the Downtown Franklin Association use race, sex, age, religion, military status, color, national origin, or handicap as grounds for denial to an eligible applicant.

Selection Criteria

  1. Partially based on a first come­first serve up to limitations of grant funding available.
  2. Contingent upon applicant paying their 25 percent prior to installation.

Note: These guidelines are subject to change as financial constraints make any such changes necessary.

Security Grant Options

The Downtown Franklin Association has three options available to assist the building or property owner. Please choose which option best fits your company. If you have any questions or would like a copy of the application, feel free to call the Downtown office.

Option 1

  • Matching applicant cost- $360.00 plus any excess amount above $1440.00 Grants are available for up to 75 % of the total cost of the security project to a maximum DFA award of $1080.00.
  • Free installation with 3 year contract with AAA Security, Inc. Monitoring by Security Central-monitoring police and ambulance. Activation fee waived.
  • Up to a combination of 7 detectors – Ext. Window contacts, door contacts, motion detector, key fobs (plus one keypad) Substitutions can be made on other contacts- Ext. Glass-break detector =2 of the 7 detectors. Additional keypads are not included in the 7 detectors. 

Option 2

  • Matching applicant cost -$360.00 plus any excess amount above $1440.00. Grants are available for up to 75 % of the total cost of the security project to a maximum DFA award of $1080.00. Camera system (self-monitoring).
  • 8 channel DVR, 6 indoor/outdoor I Megapixel HD Ball Cameras.
  • 200 feet of cable and connectors, 8 channel power supply.
  • Installation (up to $250.00), Attachment to existing network.
  • Monitor not included in package, but can be purchased for $159.00.

Option 3

  • Matching applicant cost- $360.00 plus any excess amount above $1440.00. Grants are available for up to 75 % of the total cost of the security project to a maximum DFA award of $1080.00.
  • Enhancement/expansion of existing alarm or camera system.
  • Includes upgrade to 8 channel DVR system.
  • Includes additions to existing alarm system.


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