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Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Development Center

Paul D. Camp Community College's Division of Workforce Development provides a full array of services to meet the needs of both new and existing employers including Customized Training; Open Enrollment Courses and Seminars; Business Start-up and Expansion Training; Consulting, Coaching, and Facilitation Services; Job Profiling and Job Candidate Assessment; Meeting and Training Facilities; and Videoconferencing Capabilities.

Workforce Development CenterThe College offers a number of industry training programs such as a 40-hour Essential Craft Skills course for Mechanical Maintenance personnel from the pulp and paper and chemical industries. Other examples of training areas/topics include

• Management and Professional Development (Change Management, Coaching, Customer Service, Supervisory Skills, and Team Building);
• Technology (Microsoft Office Applications, MOS and IC3 Certifications);
• Industrial Technology (Electricity, Electronics, Heating and Air Conditioning, Industrial Maintenance, and Welding)
• Safety


Pulp and Paper, Paper Sheet Converting, Lumber, Chemical, Food Processing, Automotive, Warehouse and Distribution, Health Care, Shipbuilding, and Construction

PDCCC Regional Workforce Development Center, a 33,000 square foot facility dedicated to workforce training, and the City of Suffolk Workforce Development Center as well as the following labs: Computer, Networking and Computer Repair; Electronics; HVAC; Industrial Technology; Nursing; Traditional and Virtual Welding

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