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The City of Franklin is located at the head of the navigable portion of the Blackwater River. First incorporated as a Town in 1876, the Town of Franklin became a City in 1961. Today, Franklin's land area is 8.75 square miles and population is approximately 8,400.

Much of Franklin's history revolves around the Blackwater River. The pages below provide highlights of our history from "1835 - The Age of Steam" to "1999 - The Age of Gasoline".

The Age of Steam, 1835-1861

War Comes to the Blackwater, 1862-1878

Recovery & Progress, 1879-1901

The Barretts: A Franklin Pioneer Family, 1903-1926

Can't Is Not in the Camp's Vocabulary, 1928-1956

The Age of Gasoline, 1961-1999

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