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Eligibility & Application Requirements

Hours of Operation:
Wednesdays: 4:00pm - 7:00pm Ended September 4th
Saturdays: 9:00am - 12:00pm


Participation is open to local and regional growers/producers within a 75-mile radius of Franklin. Vendors coming from farther than 75 miles must be approved by the Market Manager. Vendors must participate in the production of the products they sell. No reselling of items bought from a retailer. Vendors may not purchase products from any retail market for resale. The Market Manager has the right to inspect items prior to, or on, the day of sale to confirm their eligibility. Items for sale should fall into one of the following categories. Wholesale produce not currently in season in our growing area may be sold, however, a receipt from the wholesale provider must be presented to the Market Manager prior to selling.

Grown or Landed Locally:

  1. Edible – any food item grown or raised (from weaning) locally by the vendor or fish or seafood caught or landed locally, including live animals commonly used as food. (examples – eggs, meat, fowl, nuts, herbs, all fresh fruits and vegetables)

  2. Non-edible – all decorative or immature plant material (examples- potted herbs and flowers, potted fruit-bearing plants and shrubs, cut flowers).

Processed or Value-added:

(The Market assumes that the items offered for sale will be distinctly different from their raw ingredients. Items may expressly NOT be purchased and repackaged to be sold at the market.)

  1. Edible – foods processed by the vendor (examples- dried fruits or vegetables, baked goods, pasta, granola, jam/jelly, cider, vinegar, relishes, milk and milk products, cheese, honey (must be from local hives). All processed foods must be certified by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  2. Non-edible  nature related products (example - wreaths, dried flowers, soap, scents, baskets, wool and other fiber products)

Application Requirements:

All vendors must obtain a Market Business License ($10) and complete an application at the Commissioner of Revenue office, located in Franklin City Hall, and sign a Market and Hold Harmless Agreement before being allowed to sell any product. Many items are subject to USDA, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and/or Health Department regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the producer/vendor to abide by these regulations. Vendors must contact these agencies for inspection and approval. Vendors are liable for their own products.

A copy of all required licenses should be filed with the vendor’s application. Copies of land lease and/or partnership agreements must be included with application.

Neither the Market Management, Downtown Franklin Association nor the City of Franklin will not be held liable for the products offered by vendors. Product liability insurance is the sole responsibility of the vendor.

The Market Manager will be on location during vendor access hours and will have final say in all matters.

The Market reserves the right to visit and inspect the vendor’s farm, growing area, or processing facility. Visits are made to gather information for promoting the vendor and his/her products. Farms and kitchens may also be inspected to verify compliance with the producer and food safety inspections rules. Failure to permit an on-site visit may result in a suspension from the Market for a period not to exceed 30 days and will forfeit their site location. Vendors returning after a 30 day suspension will be subject to space availability at the time of their return.

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