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Executive Committee

  • Victor Story, President
  • (Vacant), Vice President
  • Beneta Cofield, Treasurer
  • Jim Wright, Secretary

Organization Committee

Establishing consensus and cooperation by building effective partnerships among all downtown stakeholders.

  • Chair: Waunda Turner
  • Jim Councill
  • Witt Harper

Promotion Committee

Creating and marketing a positive image based on the unique attributes of the downtown district.

  • Co-Chair: Beverly Myers / Jackie Newosme
  • Victor Story
  • Jim Wright
  • Sidney Wilson
  • Summerlyn Hemmis

Design Committee

Enhancing the unique visual quality of downtown by addressing all design elements to create an appealing environment.

  • Co-Chair: Jerry Grizzard / Donna Poplin
  • Mary Christie Morris
  • Clyde Parker
  • Mable Parker
  • Mandy Crumpler

Economic Vitality Committee

Strengthening downtown’s existing economic assets and fulfilling its broadest market potential.

  • Chair: Juanita Richards
  • Beneta Cofield
  • Ashley Cotton
  • Gayle Schmitz
  • Bobby Tyler
  • Kawanna Ward

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