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2018 City of Franklin Community Christmas Parade
2018 City of Franklin Community Christmas Parade
Registration Forms

Theme: Through the Eyes of a Child 
Registration Fee: $10 Late Registration Fee: $25 Due by November 16th 

To keep the parade organized and safe, there are a few guidelines that each entry is required to follow:

  1. All entries must be in by November 16, 2018 and be at Armory for Line-up by your designated time on December 8, 2018.
    1. If your entry requires assembly at line-up, you will be staged in the Armory Parking lot then directed to your line up position. All other entries upon arrival will be directed by volunteers directly to their line-up position.
    2. Minimum of two car lengths between entrants at all times for the safety of all participants
  2. No burning of rubber tires on motorcycles, three-wheelers, ATVs etc. No donuts, revving up in the middle of the street, etc. Pieces of hot rubber on small children do not mix well!
  3. All animal entries (horse, mini ponies, etc) Must have cleaners/pooper scoopers or bags on the animals. If animal entries do not have means to keep the street clean they will not be allowed to participate.
  4. No literature may be passed out. This is a parade, not a political, religious or moral Platform and it is not the responsibility of the committee or the city to clean up the paper debris following the parade.
  5. Santa is only in the parade once – On the fire truck or other type of float at the end. Other entries may not have Santa Claus on the float.
  6. Entries cannot stop and perform along the route.
    1. All performing must be done while in motion. For example bands playing while they march. Be mindful: Historically, there is a train that may come through during the parade which will cause movement to stop or emergency situations.
  7. During line-up, please respect the residents and do not run and play in the yards of the homes in front of your lineup area.
  8. No distribution of candy. If you wish to distribute candy, you must receive approval from the Franklin Christmas Parade Committee and follow the approved rules for distribution. The throwing of candy and other objects is strictly prohibited. No article such as candy, etc. shall be thrown into the crowd along the parade route from the vehicles in the parade. ALL giveaways and candy must be handed directly to parade attendees by walkers along the route. This avoids the danger of children darting out in front of a moving vehicle. For safety and insurance reasons, this rule will be strictly enforced.

A written copy of all rules will be mailed or e-mailed to participants in advance of parade along with their confirmation and lineup number. If the rules are broken – your entry is subject to removal from the parade and possibly banned from future events, depending on the severity.

Download the Band Registration Form!

Download the Parade Registration Form!


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