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Post Party - Fat Friday Event
Post Party - Fat Friday Event
A summary of the Mardi Gras event upstairs at Fred's Restaurant in March, 2015.

2015 Franklin Fat Friday

Mother Nature was determined to stop the Downtown Franklin Association’s Mardi Gras celebration - Fat Friday at Fred’s - but the party finally took place on March 13, after the February snows had melted. Candles, beads, masks, balloons and miniature Tabasco bottles decorated the tables, all appropriately dressed with purple, green and gold linens. The King’s Court and all of the revelers enjoyed a New Orleans-style dinner of crawfish tail scampi, pasta jambalaya, shrimp creole and rice. Dessert was, of course, the King’s Cake and beignets.

The Court provided clues to the location of the stolen key to the King’s treasure box. Annette Myers of Franklin was the winner of the hunt, and the King rewarded her with $150.00 in gold and silver coins. The Queen then selected Brenda Flowers as the winner of the best costume award, which was a special bottle of Tabasco sauce and a gift certificate to Fred’s Restaurant.

During the festivities, Ken Panissidi of Photography by Ken took photographs, both candid and posed, so that memories of the special celebration could be preserved for all. Click here to view the photos taken during this event.

Spread about the walls were Royal Proclamations from the King representing 35 Downtown businesses, some written in humorous Mardi Gras style and some in business style, but all proclaiming the King’s support for each. Thanks go out to each of them for their donation to this event.

Gayle Schmitz/DFA


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