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Fire Engine Mural
Fire Engine Mural
The Fire Engine Mural can be seen on Mechanic Street in Downtown Franklin

Fire Engine Mural

If you have driven on Mechanic Street, you can’t help but notice a mural of older fire engines on the south side of the brick building at 502 North Mechanic St. The front brick part of the building was built in the early 1920’s as a Fire Station for the City of Franklin, which remained until 1979. After that, the building became a storage facility. The back part was originally built around 1904 and was the water and power station for the City of Franklin. In 2016, Jimmy and Lisa Strozier purchased the building for their business,  Highground Services, Inc.

The Old Franklin Fire Engines Mural was painted in the fall of 2017 by Napoleon, an artist from Richmond. Part of the grant funding used for this project was from Franklin Southampton Charities.


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