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Help make Downtown Bloom!


Brings Life to Downtown Franklin


There is nothing better than the greenery and flowers that christen the spring-to-summer season in Franklin.

Last spring, we started this project by asking Downtown businesses to add to the City-provided planters that contain crepe myrtles and to water and maintain them through the summer and fall. Many businesses responded, and the flowers bloomed on Main Street and the Avenues. We were very grateful for the extra efforts of Jim and Bambi Councill and their son, Will, especially just before the Fall Festival street fair.

Summer is now here again, and many of the planters have been adopted and spruced up. If you would like to help - even to just keep a planter watered - you can look up the planter locations on the DFA website and claim one for your own. A small effort and a little time can help to make our Downtown more festive and welcoming.

Once you've chosen a planter, or if you have questions, please call Gayle Schmitz at 516-2660 or Roberta Bowman at 569-8152. Thanks - and let's make Downtown Franklin bloom!


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