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Volunteers - Our Life Line
Volunteers - Our Life Line
Downtown Franklin Association appreciates and thanks the work and support of our Volunteers!

Volunteers help to run the Downtown Franklin Association. Who are they, what do they do? Stop and think! Have you ever attended We Be Jammin’, the Elf Parade, Downtown Trick or Treat, the Fall Festival street fair or Franklin’s Market on Main? These, and others, are all events that offer the citizens of Franklin and surrounding area family fun, entertainment, and good food! It is no small effort that brings these events to life. The DFA officers, board members and Executive Director, Dan Howe meet monthly to plan, direct and carry on the business of the organization. In addition, the four committees, established under the guidelines from National Main Street,(Design, Economic Vitality, Promotion and Organization) meet monthly to work on numerous projects and to advance the cause of improving our downtown.

Committee work has created Adopt-A-Planter; our beautiful hand-painted murals; the DFA newsletter; the Downtown Guide to Shops, Services and Parking; and programs to financially assist our businesses with security systems, facade improvements and advertising. We assist with the community Christmas Parade and we provide Franklin with a Santa Claus. Dan Howe works with the City Beautification Commission when their efforts involve the downtown area, and he attends many City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings when their business affects downtown. So who, besides our ever busy Executive Director, does all of this? A majority of the volunteers are business owners in Downtown Franklin. They are on the board of the DFA and comprise the officers and committee members, all the while running their own businesses.

There is also a cadre of citizens who assist by manning the desk at the Visitors Center; helping to set up and break down at We Be Jammin’; passing out event flyers and other information for downtown businesses; participating in the Christmas Parade preparations, and many other event set-ups. It takes a lot of hours and a lot of work, and volunteers do it all. There are never enough moments to say Thank You to all of these dedicated folks! We need and appreciate all of you. Our on-going events need help and support. Everything counts and helps. One hour a week covering the DFA desk and phones would earn you our gratitude and hopefully give you some pride in knowing that you have supported the local downtown and its efforts. If you can spare some time, please call the DFA office at 757-562-6900. If you, your family and friends have enjoyed some or all of our events, and if our community is going to grow and thrive - well, it really does “take a village.”

Thank You!


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