2014 Franklin Community Christmas Parade
When: December 5, 2014 07:00 PM until 09:00 PM Eastern Time Zone
Come see the sights & sounds!
Event Details:


The 2014 Franklin Community Christmas Parade starts at the intersection of Charles Street and Clay Street , the parade route is the same as years past, down Fourth Avenue turning right onto Main Street and ending up at the Blackwater Boat Landing. Santa will be riding in a one horse open sleigh on-top of the DFA Float (Christmas Present) and will be preceded by the Big Red Franklin Fire Engine (his ride for Christmases Past). 

Last year we asked the citizens not to park along Main Street for safety reasons and to make it feasible for floats and bands to perform along the parade route. This was very successful and we thank the citizens and our Downtown Businesses for supporting this effort. We are making the same request again this year. We have publicized this in the Tidewater News today (Front Page article), we will be posting signs along Main Street “Christmas Parade” Please No Parking from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. We will have designate handicap and elderly parking along Main Street in the large parking area in front of the Franklin Farmers Market on the other side of the Train Depot., we also ask for your support again to let you patrons & employees know in advance. All the other public parking in the Downtown area is open. 

Click here to download the permitted Temporary Street Closings.

Raffle Drawing

Come on down and watch the parade! There will be a raffle drawing for tickets to the Redskins and Cowboys game on the December 28th and other prizes.

Location: 100 N. Main Street, Franklin, VA, 23851
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