The Franklin Experience 2020: The Christmas Tree Light Show

The Franklin Experience 2020: The Christmas Tree Light Show
When: December 21, 2020 06:00 PM until 08:30 PM Eastern Time Zone
Every weekend beginning December 4, 2020 15-20 minute shows from 6:00PM-9:00PM at the Farmer's Market
Event Details:

It’s the holiday season and Franklin is all aglow! The parade is set, lights are popping up all over the communities in the City, and it is time to be of good cheer.

So, what better way to add to the joy and the glitter than to come watch the Christmas tree light show, put on by The Franklin Experience, a non-profit established to entice people to come to this wonderful City? This
25 foot mega tree, at the Farmers’ Market, will shine its lights in 15-20 minute light shows every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings up to Christmas Eve beginning December 4 th . The week of Christmas the shows will run every night through December 24th.

Come into town early to see this free show, taking a leisurely stroll through town to see the decorations in Downtown Franklin, stop by and grab a bite to eat, or shop in our quaint shops along the way, ending at the mega tree to watch any one of the shows either in your car or sitting in a seat you have brought.

(Note: we request that the parking lot at the Farmers’ Market be used only to watch the show, not as a place to park and walk through town.)

These free shows begin at 6:00 and start every half hour, with the last show starting at 8:30. The music will be streaming on FM 96.3 as well as being broadcast over speakers on-site.

The dates of the shows will be:

  • Dec. 4th – 6th

  • Dec. 11th – 13th

  • Dec. 18th – 24th

For any inquiries, email or call Liz Burgess at (757) 641-8341.

Enjoy this glorious time of the year!

The Franklin Experience

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Sponsorship opportunity – Here is an opportunity to see your name or your business’ name in lights.

  • All sponsorship times will be between the 15-20 minute shows throughout the night.

  • Sponsor names will scroll across the tree during each ‘break’ for ten (10) minutes.

  • There will be seven (7) ‘breaks’ throughout the evening.

We are looking to bring in people from all around Franklin, so what better way to advertise your company than by having it displayed in lights all night long? We hope you will consider sponsoring an evening (or more) for $100 an evening, $900 for all 12 nights.

Please call or email The Franklin Experience to make arrangements for your name to be displayed.



Location: 210 South Main Street, Franklin, VA, 23851
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